The Hook Me Up Crossbody Chain

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  • Transform your phone case into a hands-free life hub with The Hook Me Up Crossbody chain.
  • Made of jewelry quality hardware, the Crossbody is a hands-free solution for stadium games, concerts and nights out.
  • No matter the size, brand or style of your phone case, it can now be worn completely hands-free with The Hook Me Up™ Crossbody.
  • This fan favorite style has a reinforced PVC base, ultra-strong adhesive, and unique swiveling mechanism so you can always catch a call (or leave it hanging) while wearing your essentials hands-free.
  • Not only is The Hook Me Up Crossbody functional, durable, and O sO cute, it’s easy to use, too. Just peel it, stick it, clip it, and you’ve got a hands-free life hub.