Lubella Candles

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  • Made in the USA,
  • 22 oz. candles are crafted from high-quality, premium wax and fragrances.
  • Each one contains the maximum amount of fragrance.
  • Please note, not all candles come with a lid. The style of the container had changed.  Photos will be updated as we navigate the change. 

Beach BumOur beachy summer scent filled with coconut and lime. Grab your beach towel and sit on your bum!

Bitch- Filled with sweet, soft seduction

Buck Naked- Say helllooooo to summertime with this saucy tropical blend of melons, strawberries, pears and green apples!!

Bumpkin Spice - Fall pumpkin pie and holiday spices

Christmas Shoppe- Spicy aromas of the holiday season, including cinnamon, clove, and other Christmas spice blends.

Creamy Brulee- Need we say more? This fabulous french dessert, now available in a jar!

Consuela- A little masculine and a lot of feminine. Our customers asked, we made it happen! My personal favorite 

Devine- Tart fruit and sage

Drama Mama- A colorful blend of tangerine, apple, peaches, and berries. That's how we describe a drama queen!

Fire Side FlingGrab your honey and snuggle up! This comfort fragrance combines wood, spices, and fresh eucalyptus.

Fleece Navidad- Have the essence of a Christmas tree without the allergy!

Ginger Kiss- Blow ginger kisses with the blend of sandalwood, ginger, and apple.

Havana Knights-  Tobacco scented with chocolate notes....fabulous!

Hell on Heels- Leather and a little lace

Hippy Chick- Patchouli to a tee

Holly Jolly- Wassail inspired scent

Hotty Toddy- Blend the spices of apple, clove, orange, and cinnamon in your home

Hot Flash- Red hots melting in your home

Lavender Love- If you love lavender, you've gotta have lavender love

Lil Hussy-  Sultry, seductive, and a lot of cashmere! Perfect for all the divas out there.

Limon LocaLimón Loco is our newest candle with a fun, zesty, fresh lemon scent!

Lou Casey- Leather 

Oakey Dokey- Earthy blend of Citrus, Patchouli, and musk.

Prima Donna- Give them something to talk about! This fragrance is full of patchouli with vanilla sweet musk.

Sunnie Twist- Our twist of everything citrus! Brings in the feeling of the little sunnie sunshine!

Tejas Hills- Smells of the TX Hill Country

The Market- Gardenias, magnolias, and roses, blended

Red Tart Cocina-A grapefruit so powerful, it just exploded! One of our best sellers.

Rico Vanilla Calling all vanilla lovers! Rico Vanilla saturates your space with buttery vanilla syrup!

Sweet Chica- Strawberry Margaritas